Friday, January 06, 2006

Staying Current

Part of my responsibility as president of AZRTL is to stay current on the important events of the day and to comment on them. Hopefully my thoughts will add to the conversation on an issue. Knowing where to look and what to read is a big part of the process. I am therefore happy to report to you that there is another site to check when looking for up to the minute information on pro-life activities. After first checking on the Arizona Right to Life website, checking out the latest at Pro-life Blogs.comwill offre you some interesting stories. Just as one should check out LifeNews.comfor the latest headlines, surfing over to Pro-Life Blogs will also allow you to check out other pro-life blog sites. There are litereally thousands of web blogs and web sites dedicated to the pro-life cause. Knowledge is power and it is time we started using it.

consider the current events of the day. We mourn the loss of those killed in Iraq due to the senseless hatred of all things holy. We ask why there seems to be this overwhelming sense fo dispair surrounding us. We wonder about the terrorists and then we ask why some people are more concerned about bringing down an administration than in winning this war on terror. At the same time we pray for those who died in the mining tragedy.

So ask yourself; why do I care about another person? Why am I movitated to seek the good for another? Why is it that I cannot just walk away and pretend that it does not involve me.

Deep down - built inside all of us - hardwired so to speak is the God given call to do the right thing.

So it is that we find ourselves asking the hard questions. And while we can sometimes play the avoidance game, for those whose hearts are truly developed, there will be the pangs of guilt. We are our brother's keeper.

So it is that we rededicate ourselves to the cause of life. Now and until the law respects the right to life of every human person.

So stay current and make a difference.


At 1:16 PM, Anonymous Betty said...

Where did Mr.Wikfors webblogg go? I really liked reading his thoughts and comments.

At 3:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Deep down - built inside all of us - hardwired so to speak is the God given call to do the right thing"
posted by John J. Jakubczyk on Jan 6th 2006.

Do as I say, not as I do.


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