Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Unbelieveable Ted Kennedy

So let me understand the latest in the efforts by the left to drag Judge Sam Alito's name into the mud. Ted Kennedy is questioning Alito's credibility? Ted Kennedy who could not tell the truth if his life depended on it? Ted Kennedy, who is responsible for the death of a young woman and still has the gaul to show his face in public?

Meanwhile many of the Hollywood elites gathered in washington D.C. to raise money for the radical left wing groups who oppose this appellate court judge who was confirmed without any opposition 15 years ago. Their efforts will not work as the American people are tired of the antics of the radical left. The heartland of America wants justices who interpret the law. The average American of whatever background wants a justice who will apply the law impartially and as the law was intended. these every day Americans do not want the surprise of being told that long cherished truths are now open to speculation and question. Sam Alito represents the finest that intelligence, hard work and integrity have to offer. His willingness to serve on the bench and to forsake the private sector for public service is also to be commended. Now he has been asked to take on a greater responsibility. The Senate should confirm him and allow him to take his place on the U.S. Supreme court. They should ignore the rants and ravings of the unbelieveable left.


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