Monday, October 31, 2005

More on Alito

The news of the day has been about the nomination of Samule A. Alito to sit as associate justice on the U. S. Supreme Court. Judge Alito is currently an appellate judge on the 3rd Circuit which is headquartered in Philadelphia ( hence my earlier comment re Spector). He is originally from New Jersey and has a distinguished record of public service to the state and the nation. his current ofice on the court is in New Jersey.A biography on the 55 year old former U. S. atorney notes that he was confirmed to the 3rd circuit by the U.S. Senate without any opposition and was rated well qualified by the ABA (One may ask why he is qualified for the appellate court but not the Supreme Court).

Yet the Left's attack dogs have already started their assault on his character revealing their lack of credibilty and outright hostility to anything good. Sen. Leahy has remarked that there are too many Catholics on the bench. Ted (let's go swimming) Kennedy has attacked the good judge for his position on 'women's rights" and Sen. Schumer made some slanderous remarks during his visit to the capitol rotunda where the body of Rosa Parks lies in state.

What this means is that the president has scored a direct hit. The courts are suppose to interpret the law and protect the civil and foundational rights of the human person. These rights are recognized in our Declaration of Independence and the U. S. Constitution as coming from our Creator. Yet during the last 40 years there has been a concerted effort by the Left to remove religion and morality from the public square. This country needs a court that respects the inherent right to life, liberty and property of every person as understood in our founding documents. Further we need to simplify our approach and understanding of the role and purpose of government. We have some serious problems in this nation when political speech can be regulated and punished but pornographic activities are "protected" speech. Fundamental to the problem is when government and law do not recognize the right of all innocent people to live. We must stop the killing of children and we must protect the rights of the elderly and disabled. Only then will the nation have its moral compass in order.

Hopefully the confirmation of Sam Alito will move this nation closer to a time when we are a nation of laws and the courts are not the oligarchic dictators of a nihilistic philosophy of convenience.


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