Thursday, October 06, 2005

Remember the women and children

Four days after the announcement of Harriet Miers, the storm created by the nomination rages on. While many conservatives may harbor a justified resentment to the White House approach on this nomination, the reality is that the president gets to nominate who he wants and those who elected him recognized that when they voted for him in November. From the information obtained first directly and now through the press stories, Ms. Miers represents herself as someone who once was "pro-choice" ( you all know how I disdain the term), and now is very pro-life. This is a good bit of news. Other bits of information have been previously discussed already. Here is where I am going.
At this point as the nominee, we all should allow the process to unfold. The Senate will hold hearings. Do we want the pro-abortion senators trying to get her to speak on abortion? Do we play the subtle game? Do we want a relatively unknown to have to address this issue square on? Some commentators still very upset want her to withdraw. I think this is wishful thinking. Unless there is something in her background that renders her unqualified, it is not going to happen. And perhaps this is Bush telling everyone that he will do what he thinks is right.
Maybe it boils down to this. The Democrats in the Senate suggested that they would support such a person. The president smiles because this person is pro-life (but it is not obvious or in your face), and Reid who does have some pro-life votes in his past can live with this because Ried is tired of the extreme left. Reid also hails from the west and knows how the liberal leftist democrats look down their noses at him - from Nevada. And remember Bush came to D.C. wanting to work together and he has been slimed by all the democrats including Reid.
Just maybe this is all about those kinds of politics.
As for the noise on the right, just enough so the enemy is distracted.
But my headline is this - remember the women and the children. Our goal is to end the legal killing of human beings in this country. And it will take more than just a change in the court. It will take changing the legislatures in many states, changing the hearts and minds of college students throughout the country, and waking up the medical profession who is being asked to take on the role of executioners.
So to all who have had "conniption" fits over this nominee, take that energy out to the clinics and save some lives. Use the anger and the energy for a constructive purpose. Pray twice as much that God will have mercy on all of us and especially those in positions of power. Remember that in the end God is in control. I know it does not sound very clever or high-brow....But its true.


At 10:21 AM, Blogger cvaldivia93 said...

Amen to that John - thanks for your reminder of why we're here.

Blessings to you,


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