Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Bennett's Bomb

Bill Bennett's remarks the other day about crime and abortion caused a major ruckus as the Left tried to attack Bennett for being a racist. The truth is that the target group of the abortionists in this country has always been minority women and children. The abortion rates of Blacks and Hispanics is disproportionately higher than the population because the abortion industry targets them. Funny how no one wants to talk about abortion and its effect on the black population. No one wants to discuss the almost 1,400 black babies being killed by the abortion profiteers.

Life Dynamics president Mark Crutcher has developed a great - though admittedly shocking - web site pointing out the horrible things that abortion and the abortion industry has done to African Americans and other minorities.
His work has been ignored by the media which isn't interested in presenting the truth.

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood was an avowed eugenist and wanted to eliminate the poor, the unwanted, minorities, Catholics and anyone who was not "fit" in her mind. Her mottos "to create a race of thoroughbreds" and but for the pro-life movement and committed right to life advocates, she would have succeeded. However we will prevail by the grace of God and the sweat of our labors.

Remember his the next time anyone accuses you of not caring enough.


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