Friday, October 28, 2005

Reviewing the Field

With Harriet Miers deciding for the good of the country and this administration to withdraw her nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court, the White House has another opportunity to make good on the president's promise to select for the supreme court a justice who will respect the sanctity of human life, the role of law and the proper role of the courts in government and society.

Before discussing the future, I think all of us should say a prayer for Ms. Miers and ask God to give her peace. The last few weeks were brutal and very challenging not only for her but for all who take this selection seriously. Many wished to trust the president in his selection. The problem remained however that dispute the assurances that the White House gave certain conservative leaders, many were not convinced of not only her qualifications to sit on the bench, but also her judicial philosophy and whether that translated into a person who should uphold the right of legal protection for the unborn child.

As I stated before, one moment we get a copy of a Dallas questionnaire which looked good, the next moment we hear the White House trying to play it down.
There were speeches that praised leftist social programmers. After reading one, I was not sure which way to understand the comments and began to wonder why the other side remained generally silent. It seemed so surreal. And I particularly did not like the White House response to the initial opposition by attempting to smear the opponents.

But now it is over. So Hugh Hewitt, dear friend, accept the fact that this time you were incorrect. Welcome to the school of hard knocks.

Here is the field. The president should NOT promise any woman, or minority member or NOT know what the candidates' credentials, history or background.
There are so many good candidates that can be considered. So the president should look over this group and choose one who will be qualified, who will unite the base of conservatives, and who will respect the sanctity of all innocent human life.

Luttig, Alito, Brown, Jones, Garza. All would be able to articulate a solid judicial philosophy. Williams, Batchholder, Sikes, are also excellent considerations.

So hang in there and keep praying the White House, members of Congress, and the Supreme Court.


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