Saturday, October 15, 2005

A Movie worth seeing

Thursday night my wife and I saw an advance screening or sneak preview of the movie, 'Dreamer,' a story about a horse and a little girl and her family. Based on or inspired by a true story, the film is a wonderful reminder of how we must reach out and take hold of our dreams. It is a story of love, of reconciliation, of second chances. Like movie 'Seabiscuit,' 'Dreamer' is a story of hope and about being true to oneself.

The relationship of the girl's father with his own dad who lives on the farm with his family runs just beneath the surface of the story of a daughter's love for her father and his dream to meet his father's expectations even as he resents his father's decisions earlier in life.

I won't spoil the ending but to say that we in the pro-life movement must look around us and use the every day events as a means of teaching others about the dignity of each person. We must not be afraid the find those items which could be used to confirm the culture of life and our own determination to understand. Further, we must not be afraid to speak the truth. Our willingness to be open to the opportunity to promote respect for life must be real and long lasting. Only then will we be able to speak to the problem and offer a solution that will protect the new member of our society.


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