Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Attention Senate: Alito is very mainstream

A message to our U. S. Senate: Sam Alito is a very mainstream judge who holds very sensible positions on the controversial issues of the day.

Everyone can expect to hear Schumer and Kennedy rant and rave about Alito's 1985 letter staing that he does not find the right to abortion in the constitution. Wow, the guy can read and understand English. I have long challenged anyone to find a constitutional right to abortion in the constituttion. Having debated pro-abortion activists, both lawyers and non-lawyers, I have asked on many occasions where this so called right is clearly found. After all sorts of macinations, I am finally informed that it rests in the privacy right. Then I ask where that is found. And we start all over again.

Here is the point. Alito is just exercising common sense and a good legal mind to conclude that nowhere in the constitution does it permit a woman, in consultation with her doctor, to kill her unborn baby.

That is a view held by most people with common sense and good legal training.
Any other view can only presume that killing human beings in the womb is no big deal.

You can be assured that the next bit of nonsense from the pro-abortion crowd will be to argue for a different class of human beings in order to divide them into persons and non-persons. Oh wait, they did that 300 years ago. It was called slavery. Well, get ready. We are about to go through it again.

One other point: There are some who question Alito's pro-life credentials because of certain decisions made as an appeals court judge. Those are valid concerns. However, the limitations upon an appeals court judge who does not see his role as to break new ground may explain his actions. I am more comfortable with him than not. Having been in the abortion wars now for 30 years and seen the judicialpicks made by different presidents, i will give this White House credit for putting some very good men and women on the bench.

Call your senator and remind him that Alito is a very sound pick for the court.


At 11:07 PM, Anonymous WHBrophy said...

Verily Sam Alito will restore some sanity, but John, with respect to a right to privacy, what about the 4th Amendment mention that the right to be secure in our persons . . . shall not be violated? Of course, the personhood of the pre-born child was probably nullified in the Supreme Court somewhere along the line?

At 6:17 PM, Blogger John J. Jakubczyk said...

Bill, the 4th Amendment applies to a government search of persons andproperty and requires probable cause forthe issuance of a search warrant. There are exceptions to this general requirement and yet the common understanding is that it is the right to left alone by the state. Any invasion of privacy requires a warrant. Still the Amendmet is about protection from unreasonable searches and seizures. It has nothing to do with the so-called 'right of privacy' as discussed in Griswold and Roe.


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