Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Spinning reality

The media focus on the execution of Stanley "Tookie" Williams represents the latest in the selective application of morality and the efforts by those in the media to spin reality in order to manipulate the masses. First of all, this article is not to comment on the moral efficacy of capital punishment or its proper place in society.
The point of this column is to shine a light on the blatant hypocrisy by the media elites, the Hollywood elites and all those who are "protecting" the execution of this man.

There were the obligatory prayer vigils and protests at San Quentin prison over the state's plan to follow through with the execution of a condemned murderer. The celebrities came out and made their statements about the event.

According to the AP story written by Kim Curtis,

"Singer Joan Baez, M A S H actor Mike Farrell and the Rev. Jesse Jackson were among the celebrities who protested the execution. "Tonight is planned, efficient, calculated, antiseptic, cold-blooded murder and I think everyone who is here is here to try to enlist the morality and soul of this country," said Baez, who sang "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" on a small plywood stage set up just outside the gates.

"A contingent of 40 people who had walked the approximately 25 miles from San Francisco held signs calling for an end to "state-sponsored murder."

So where are the Mike Farrels, the Jesse Jacksons and others when they are killing little black babies at the local Planned Parenthood abortion mills?

Where is the outrage at the 4000 children being "legally" murdered each day in our country?

Where are the marches, the songs, the pleas for Arnold to stop the killing of innocent babies?

so many of these people claimed that Williams was innocent. Well we all know the unborn baby did not take a shotgun and blow four people away. If Williams is entitled to stay alive in these people's minds, why not a little child?

So the spin goes on. The national press is upset with Alito because he is personally against abortion. But they are more upset tonight with the governor of California because he did not respond to their pleas for clemency.

Meanwhile we must ask ourselves, what are we doing to end the violence that surrounds our lives?


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