Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Apologizing for Abortion

When are the politicians (liberal Democrats and Republicans)who have screamed about Roe v. Wade and abortion going to apologize to the millions of American women whose lives have been affected by the abortion culture in our society?

I ask the question not expecting an answer because the truth is - those who really support abortion want dead babies. They do not want women to have children. they do not want people - both men and women - to address the realities surrounding their relationships with others, their behavior in general, or the effect that such behavior has on our nation.

Such a statement may sound harsh even judgmental. Yet is is simply a reflection of the truth. While reviewing some of the statements and questions by the senators on the judiciary committee, I was struck by the absolute absense of any concern for the mother and child as they "talked" about abortion and the constitution. While I would have taken the opportunity to explain that very intelligent and reasonable people have castigated Roe v. Wade and its progeny, and would have explained some of the basic facts of life that any student of high school biology would know, I suppose judge Alito's approach was to acknowledge that he wrote what he wrote about Roe and that was when he was a lawyer. Now he is a judge and he will look at everything with an open mind.

I am not impressed by the Senators who cannot understand biology. Abortion kills babies. Abortion hurts women. More women are unable to have children when they want to have a child because of an abortion in their past. Women who have had an abortion have a greater risk of breast cancer. Over 600 women filed complaints with the FDA about the serious and sometimes deadly effects of RU-486. So who really cares about women?

A sitting senator from Massachusetts who parrots the abortion extremist rhetoric, all the while silent on the truth behind the death of a young woman 38 years ago.


a woman who gives her entire life to helping mothers have and keep their babies.

How much time, talent and treasure did NOW and NARAL and Planned Parenthood give to help women have and keep their babies.

Compare the time, talent and treasure being spent by pro-life groups, Catholic and Evangelical churches to help mothers and their unborn children.

So keep Sam Alito in your prayers. Probably the most difficult thing for him to do is listen to the tripe from some of these senators.

Fortunately, he is a highly principled human being. And I am sure his sainted mother is praying for him and our country as well.


At 2:58 PM, Blogger Alnot said...

I wonder why these tripe spouting Senators keep getting elected? If the people really knew what they say they should never be elected or especially once elected not be re elected ever again. Morality and decency are becoming much harder to find and I mourn for our loss.


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