Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The "photo-op" governor

Len Munsil made the formal announcement of his bid to be the Republican candidate for governor on February 14, 2006. Displaying the skills that have served him well as a lawyer, public policy expert and advocate for families, Len gave a speech that could aptly be described as a "State of the State" with substance. He introduced himself to the people of Arizona by way of his Arizona family roots. He continued with a rendition of his growing up in Arizona and his being educated here in Arizona. He capped off his reasons for running for governor by inviting the packed house of supporters to meet his family, starting with his wife Tracy and continuing with each of his eight children. Such a was visible expression of Len's desire to impact the state of Arizona for the better.

But his most potent "stuff" was reserved for his perspective of the sitting incumbent. Calling her the "photo-op" governor, Munsil delivered a scathing indictment of napalitano's years in public office. It will be interesting to see how the press reports his announcement. Immediately after the speech, Munsil spoke with reporters, some of whom wanted him to give them specific details of campaign positions. Deftly turning the cards, Munsil told them that it was the start of a long campaign and that he would be giving his campaign position papers in the months ahead. Some of the press were not happy at not being in control. But as one reporter said weeks ago with Len's announcement, "This is going to liven things up." If yesterday's reception and the energy of that room is any indication, he will be right and the people of Arizona will get a real choice of candidates come November.

Finally Arizona Right to life PAC has formally endorsed Len Munsil for governor. AZRTL-PAC recognized Len's years of service to the pro-life cause and to the preservation and protection of families. I encourage you to join the effort to make Len Munsil the next governor of the great state of Arizona.


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