Tuesday, January 17, 2006

More on Shadegg

It seems that more people are recognizing that Arizona has been fortunate to have John Shadegg as one of its leading congressional representatives. Hugh Hewitt and National Revieware just two of the many who are seeing John as a viable candidate for majority leader. Check out Hugh's website for the telephone numbers to call to register your support for John.

Along with his fiscal conservatism, John Shadegg brings a fresh look to the tired politics as usual of the DC beltway. Indeed he will be the first to say that government needs to tighten its belt and stop the wasteful spending that threatens to bust this economy.

Arizona has long had a tradition of sending men and women to Washington to serve the people and get things done. Electing John Shadegg would be a way for Republicans to strengthen their position for the 2006 elections, but more than that, serve their country by selecting a leader who will focus on doing the people's business and not the power brokers of K Street.


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