Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Washington D.C. - January 23, 2006

I just returned from Washington DC after attending the annual March for Life and assorted pro-life events on Sunday and Monday.
While I may be a little tired and mention only the highlights of the trip, the same cannot be said for the grass roots pro-life movement as evidenced by the over 200,000 people who came from all over the country and the world to march on the nation's capitol.
While the rain came down the crowd gathered on the Washington mall where they heard music, prayers and reminders of why they were there. Thankfully the rain let up just before the march began. Led by the banners and the hundreds of women carrying the "Silent No More" and "Women do regret their abortions" banners, the marchers began their assent to Capitol Hill.
Before the march, earlier in the morning I had an opportunity to stop by and visit the first Blogs4life conference at the Family Research Council Building. Check out www.prolifeblogs.com for some great commentary and some fabulous pictures.

I met up with some of the heroes of the pro-life movement, people like Joe Scheidler, Jack Wilke, Janet Morana, and Fr. Frank Pavone. I spoke with Nellie Gray the organizer of the March for Life and she expressed her optimism and spoke hopefully because of all the young people who continue to get involved in right to life. The energy level from the people was amazing and they all conveyed their intention to continue the work when they returned home.

On Sunday I had a chance to speak briefly to about 100 students from South Florida at Gonzaga High school in DC. They represented four different Catholic schools from the area. Two priests and about ten adults with their families made the trip.

I have a lot more to say about the visit but for now I will close by saying that our victory is assured, but we must all strive to bring its happening soon.


At 11:54 AM, Blogger cvaldivia93 said...

Thanks for the post John. I too was excited by the amount of young pro-lifers seen at the life rally in downtown Phoenix on Sunday.

As one writer recently put it (paraphrased here): While the pro-life families in this country have been having babies for the past 33 years, the pro-death families have been killing their future. What we're seeing in the large pro-life youth in America is simply the reaping of what has been sown.

God bless you John and the rest of AzRTL!


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