Thursday, February 23, 2006

Justice for All

The Justice for All exhibit has been at Arizona State University this week. David Lee and his colleagues have been talking to college students about the impacted abortion on this culture and more than that "listening" to the students no matter what they say, hoping that be listening to them a dialogue can begin.. I use the term dialogue because after speaking with David, I learned that part of the purpose of the exhibit is to allow the students to vent, to ask questions, to challenge the Pro-life argument, and then simply, with charity and understanding, present the truth on the subject of abortion and the effect it is having on today's society. The large graphic pictures attract the crowds, along with a small group of pro-abortion supporters.

I stopped at the exhibit on Tuesday and had a lively debate with a young man who agreed that the 'fetus' was a human being, agreed that it was a killing, but argued that if the winsome wants one, she ought to be able to have one. After speaking with him and a few others, I was once again reminded of how much of their education comes from entertainment, propaganda, and old truisms coined up be the pro-aborts to keep abortion 'safe and legal' when the truth is that it is neither safe, nor is it ever "legal" in the eyes of God.

This event reminds us that we at AZRTL must take a more acrtive role in the lives of our college students. They need accurate information about the nature, aim, and purpose of the pro-abortion movement, how it manipulates people and away from their naturally pro-life position.

We at AZRTL have a reach-out need.
More later.


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