Saturday, February 18, 2006


It was because of a group of patriots known as the minutemen that the Americans in 1775 were able to stand up to the British and prevent His majesty’s army from seizing a cache of munitions at Lexington and Concord. The “shot heard ‘round the world” signaled the start of the War of Independence and the American Revolution.

Soon thereafter representatives from the thirteen colonies gathered in Philadelphia and in the summer of 1776 had written and ratified the Declaration of Independence.

This past January while in Washington for the March for Life, my son and I went to the National Archives to see this historic document. It was appropriate that during a march to protest the failure of this government to protect its people we would view the document that acknowledges what all free peoples have known since the dawn of time – our right to life is from God who alone is the giver and taker of innocent human life.

So consider today and the current status of the crisis. What are we doing to prepare for the following eventualities? What are we doing to educate ourselves as to the message and also as to the propaganda campaign that the Left will commence? How do we reach a generation that may be without real awareness as to of the gruesome nature of abortion?

I spent an hour on the phone yesterday with a person trying to find a handle on how to convey to the girl’s mother the long-term harm of abortion to the whole family. I though to myself, how many are out there that just don’t know.

Later this evening as I was thinking about the cause and the amount of work needed to network those who can make a difference, it became clear that we all must be like the minutemen - ready at a moment’s notice, knowledgeable, ready to make sacrifices, committed to the long term goal of changing the heart and soul and law of this country. .

So how does one get prepared?

Here are some concrete suggestions.

1. Stay informed. Make your home page.
2. Stay connected. Sign up for our e-alerts to get our latest messages.
3. Read Roe v. Wade.
4. Know the basic facts of fetal development.
5. Have available the names and phone numbers of the various pro-life emergency
Pregnancy help centers.
6. Find out if there is a pro-life or sanctity of life group at your church or
synagogue. If there is a group, join it. If there is not, start one. If you need
help starting one, call us and ARTL will help you.
7. Write a letter to the editor or send an email to the newspapers.
8. Pray daily.

If all those who were against abortion acted like it and involved themselves in the battle, then this modern day holocaust would end immediately.

Think about it. What are we doing? Is it anything? Is it enough? Are we not supposed to be prepared?


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