Friday, February 24, 2006

Brownback in Arizona

Arizona Right to Life holds its annual Carolyn Gerster Awards Gala tonight to honor Virginia Evers for a lifetime of service to the pro-life cause. Virginia and her late husband Ellis Evers founded Heritage House'76 and she became known for her creation of the
Precious Feet
pin which presents the feet size of an unborn baby at 10 weeks in utero. The pin is seen around the world and is one of the most recognized symbols of the pro-life movement.

Addressing the attendants that evening will be Senator Sam Brownback, Republican from Kansas, who is often mentioned as a possible potential presidential candidate in 2008. Regardless of the presidential politics, Senator Brownback is well known as a stalwart defender of the pro-life cause in the Congress and as a ranking member of the Judiciary was very instrumental in the advancement of both John Roberts and Sam Alito to the Supreme Court.

Recognizing the need to hear from the grassroots, Senator Brownback accepted AZRTL's invitation to join us to honor Virginia Evers, a respected pro-life woman, and to share with us the vision of an America that protects her children.

Arizona Right to Life thanks its own pro-life congressional delegation for supporting this event. Our thanks to Senators Kyl and McCain for their years of service to the cause of life and to our congressmen, Flake, Franks, Hayworth, Renzi, and Shaddegg for their efforts to provide protection for the innocent unborn children and their mothers.

It is time for this country to show the world that the care and protection of all human life are not just platitudes carved in marble walls but the true reflection of a nation which acknowledges that future generations have a right to life.


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