Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Now it is our time to teach the “Facts of Life

Everyone jokes about the “facts of life” and the time when mom or dad took us off to the side and ‘explained’ to us the ‘birds and the bees.’ Comedians do skits on the subject. Parents secretly dread the day they will have to talk to their children about it and teenagers roll their eyes at the idea that their parents are going to tell them “anything” they don’t already know about sex.

Perhaps this society is the most sex-obsessed society in the history of the world. For all we have read about the fun-loving Greeks and Romans, they did not have the Internet or pay-for-view and HBO at their fingertips. And while I am sure there is nothing new under the sun, it is only today that no matter where anyone turns, there will be stories about sex, aberrant behavior, and all sorts of subjects that are probably best left unsaid.

Then there is the subject of abortion.

Everyone thinks that they have heard it all about abortion. No one really wants to talk about it. Everyone thinks that his or her opinion is right. And heaven help us if a pro-lifer corners you and asks you to think about what happens during an abortion procedure, The media has its bias which is clearly stated. So what are we suppose to make of the latest news event concerning South Dakota.

The media will try to paint the pro-life movement as extremists. The press will bring up the message of the abortionists and ignore the pro-life slant. Certain people will wring their hands as if the end of the world is near. Some pro-life partisans will claim that now is not the time. Others will respond that it is not enough. The press will exploit the differences in strategy and approach.

Then there is the response of the child.

What response you may ask?

The response is a simple plea for a chance: A simple mantra that harkens back to the beginning of the movement. “All we are saying is give life a chance.”

Each human being commences his or her life at conception. We know that if we unite sperm and egg, new human being is conceived. We also know that this new human being normally lives the first nine months of his or her life in his or her mother’s womb. There is nothing extraordinary about this - except that some people just as soon leave out the humanity part.

What is important to remember is that this is not rocket-science. This is basic high school biology 101. It is very important not to get caught up in all the so-called complexity. The first thing to do is define who or what we are talking about. It is the question I raised in an earlier blog. Person or property.

So now that South Dakota is in the news, we in the Pro-Life Movement need to polish up on our developmental biology and we able to explain to our friends the facts of life and why killing babies is a really bad idea.

Make sure you have looked at the G4 ultrasound photos. They really make the case for the baby.

Wear the precious feet. These little feet pins should the size of the baby at 10 weeks. They educate without saying a word.

Remember that it is about relationships: Mom and baby; Mother and Father; Dad and baby.

Remind people that abortion demeans women and places little regard on the importance of carrying a new life.

Remind people that abortion gives men the excuse not to be responsible for their actions.

Carefully explain that at one time there were laws that protected women and children from the abortion industry, that the Supreme Court took away the right of the states to protect its people and that South Dakota is simply exercising its obligation as a state to protect the people who are in the state.

When people talk about the unwanted children, explain that here are over two million couples willing to adopt. There are no unwanted children, just some children who have not been placed in loving families.

Remain charitable with those who argue with you. Visit the www.azrtl.org website for he latest in information.

Get involved with your local group. Continue to send us your sacrificial contributions and if you have not dome so in recent months, do so today. The other side will mount a tremendous propaganda campaign and we must be in the position to counteract the lies they spread.

Above all, pray that God will work through you and me to open hearts to the joy of living and the importance of building a culture of life that will embrace the entire world.


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