Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The New Abolitionism

Reading Keith Fornier's article entitled "the New Abolitionism" on his web site: gave me a boost. I also get upset at the misuse of words while discussing the abortion controversies. Both sides realize the importance of language and therefore each does what it can to "charge" the environment so as to have the linguistic advantage in the discussion.
What Keith reminds us in his excellent article is that it is important to always be aware of how language impacts the conversation. Now that the issue will be on the front burner due to the events in South Dakota, it is critical to be aware of the political landscape and what will be happening during the next few months.

First of all, what happened in South Dakota was long overdue. Indeed we should be approaching all efforts to end abortion as a means of keeping the issue before the people. The mainstream media does not like this renewed interest one bit. As long as the issue was not discussed, the media could control the debate, ignore pro-life events, and otherwise give right to life little to no attention. However now with the South Dakota events, everyone is talking about it and new polls are out saying that America is 'conflicted' on the subject of abortion. Wow, that is some news event. As if we did not know or were not aware that Americans held these conflicted opinions because - on the one hand, they know its wrong on the other hand, they have bought into the cannard that tells us one must never exercise a moral judgment. So lack of action replaces conviction.

Only education will move the sleeping giant and out collective consciences to respond to the horror that we have killed 46 million of our brothers and sisters.

Now more than ever all of us must get involved. We have a tremendous opportunity.

Will we act upon it?


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