Sunday, April 09, 2006

Reaching out to the Uninformed

So many people do not know where their politicians stand on the pro-life issue. In some cases the political candidate deliberately will color his position to confuse the voter. In recent days there seems to be a lot of elected officials who will tell the particular audience what they want to hear. Do not be confused. Check with your local pro-life organization to make sure the candidate or elected official is strongly pro-life.

Explain to anyone asking for your vote that he or she must be pro-life in order for you to consider voting for the person. “Pro-life” is a threshold position. In other words, if a candidate does not support changing the current laws to provide legal protection for all human beings, born and unborn, then he or she does not cross the threshold of consideration. We must be vigilant and informed.

It is also just as important to discuss with friends and family what their perceptions of candidates may be. You have a responsibility to inform those around you of the candidate’s true position on the life issues. Direct them to for the latest in information on the current races. Our PAC has made some early endorsements to help pro-life voters in Arizona. Help those candidates and continue to raise this issue among your friends. There are some issues where reasonable people can disagree. There is never any good reason to support groups, organizations and people who kill babies or laws that will not protect the most defenseless members of the human family.


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