Sunday, April 09, 2006

Len Munsil - Candidate for governor and Blogger

I have known Len Munsil and his wife Tracy since their days at Arizona State University where Tracy was the Editor of the State Press and Len the news editor. Both of them have always been on the cutting edge and open to news ideas to accomplish whatever the challenge.

In seeking to be the Republican candidate for governor, Len wants to be connected to the voters and for the voters to know his ideas, his thoughts, his goals and his policies should he be elected governor.

A native son of this great state, Munsil and his wife Tracy have raised their family of eight children with the hope that Arizona has a great future before her.

Ever mindful of the new technology and the new media, Len has started blogging. You will be able to read his perspective as the campaign develops and give him your insights into those areas of importance.

This election will be and election of ideas and world-views. The current governor has a view of life and politics that cares little if anything for the human person. Yet she will mask that disdain for the poor, the weak, and the defenseless with photo-ops for her friends at the Arizona Republic.

Len’s campaign, as his life, is about protecting and preserving that which is important. Bookmark his Blog (and mine) and check with us daily on the events that will impact Arizona and the nation.


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