Monday, April 10, 2006

Zogby Poll: Are Most Americans Po-life?

A recent Zogby Poll released on March 22, 2006 has raised very little waves in the mainstream media, thus confirming a long known bias in the press in favor of the abortion lobby.

Over the years whenever a poll purported to reveal the pro-abortion views of the American public, the press would make it page one news or address the poll during the nightly television broadcast. Conversely, whenever a poll claimed a more nuanced view or a pro-life slant, the story generally died on the vine.

Now comes reported a poll that surveyed over 30,000 people on a whole host of abortion related questions.

And while the story has been discussed on the Internet and written about in various pro-life news sources, the major media has all but ignored it.

Could it be that it is time for some major advertising campaign to get the message out to the people?

Could it be that showing the latest in ultrasound technology would further educate an already more pro-life America?Or are the means of manipulating the stories that are seen by the American people too entrenched in the media to be overcome?

The use of the Internet to get the message out cannot be underestimated. Yet the continued manipulation by the media is still a problem. After all we are supposed to be so well educated and yet only 50% of the public understands that a new human life begins at conception. Information common in most high school biology books is referred to as a belief system. According to the poll, 50% believe life begins at conception. No offense, but this is a question regarding factual information. 59% agreed that abortion ends a human life. While this is a majority, again, it does not speak well to our educational system that so many people are so unaware of the results of an abortion.

The point is – we still have a lot to do when it comes to education the public that an abortion kills one life and wounds another.


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