Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Veto Queen

When last we wrote, the Arizona legislature had passed the fetal pain bill and sent it to the governor for her signature. As you all know she vetoed that bill. Then she vetoed the law to insure that state funds were not improperly being used to pay for abortions. Then she vetoed the bill to make sure to require the notarized signature of a parent or guardian when a minor wants an abortion. Then she vetoed the bill to prevent the sale of human eggs. Finally she vetoed another bill that would have codified the court’s ruling on the requirements for consideration in a judicial bypass regarding parental consent.

So she has been pretty busy obstructing the will of the people. Our pro-life legislators and our lobbying efforts down at the State Capitol have been thwarted for the time being. However, we all know where the politicians stand on the life issues. A special thanks to Shane Wikfors of AZRTL, Ron Johnson of the ACC, and especially Cathi Herrod of CAP for their heroic work in getting these bills through the legislature.

The actions of this pro-abortion governor remind us as to why Arizona Right to Life exists. There is such a pressing need to educate the public on the evil effects of abortion on our society. AZRTL’s daily presence in the community saves lives.


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