Monday, August 14, 2006

Hello again

For those of you thinking that I had disappeared from the blogosphere, you were almost right. My computer took a vacation by "crashing" and despite the best efforts of mice and men to get it up and running, it was not to be. So I was required to make a purchase and now I have a very sweet machine.

So to catch up on a few things.

To those of you in Arizona, early ballots are now available for the primary. Today is the last day to register for the primary. Anyone whose child will turn 18 before the general election should register to vote.
Go to the Arizona Secretary of State website for more information on how to register to vote.

Arizonas Right to Life PAC will be sending out our endorsements in the coming days.

Please continue to watch out site for more information.

As for the conference, it is set for September 22,23, 2006. Please register and take advantage of the early bird discounts along with special incentives for high school and college students.

Spetember 16, 2006 there will be a "WASH for LIFE" to raise money for the various valley emrgency pregnancy centers. This is part of a nationwide effort to show the country that the youth are solidly pro-life. Contact Melanie Welsch at the office for more information.

Speaking of Melanie, she will be assisting us in educational efforts with the teens and college students. Melanie brings great energy and heart to the cause.

More later.

God speed and please pray for our troops in harms way.


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