Monday, August 21, 2006

AZRTL-PAC Endorsements

Most of you will have seen the preliminary endorsements that AZRTL made in the major races.
After all it is fairly obvious that AZRTL would support our long time friend Jon Kyl over the pro-abortion Jim Pederson. In looking down the list of federal contests, our Pro-Life encumbants such as J.D. Hayworth, Trent Franks, John Shaddigg, Rick Renzi and Jeff Flake have all stood tall and voted to defend the rights of the family and to protect the weak, the defenseless and the unborn. thay have earned your vote.

I hope the Republican voters in Pima County will add another strong member to the congress by electing Randy Graf to District 8. Randy is no stranger to pro-life politics. When in the state legislature, he was a reliable vote and a strong voice for the voiceless. both of his opponents are very pro-abortion. If the folks in Southern Arizona do not want another Jim Kolbe type, then Randy is the man for the job.

Go to our website and click on 2006 election endorsements

For those of you doing early ballots, please review this list prior to exercising your right to vote.

In either event - whether you vote early or on election day - get the word out that these are the qualified pro-life candidates.

Make sure to check your district now so you know for whom you are to vote.

Then make sure you have a valid identification should you decide to vote on election day.

Finally pray every day that those who respect the sanctity of all innocent human life will be elected.


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it's spelled John SHADEGG


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