Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Understanding the grassroots

The last minute infusion of some serious cash by Washington Republicans in a desperate effort to defeat Randy Graf is only another example of how so-called political experts from Washington do not always know what is happening on the ground and among the grassroots.

Just as the Washington insider advice hurt Matt Salmon in his race for governor four years ago, so too the notion that the former congressman could "anoint" his successor just doesn't sit well with Arizonans. The people really are looking for candidates who 'say what they mean' and 'mean what they say.' and the people want a no nonsense pro-life conservative to represent them in Washington. Randy Graf will do that.

His opponent is a tax and spend liberal pro-abortion anti-marriage democrat. Need I say more?

So a message to the folks in Washington.
Next time - talk to us. We will tell you who is the candidate who can win and represent the best interests of Arizona.

Final thoughts.
Just because your Huffman did not win does not mean the game is over, In fact this seat has been Republican and there is no reason that with some hard work from the ground and some financial support from all those sources, Randy should not handily defeat this tax and spend liberal.

But two things are required - hard work and funding.

So now is the time for all of us to get involved and engaged in the fight for life.


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