Thursday, September 07, 2006

Running Scared?

Carolyn Allen is a notorious pro-abortion Planned Parenthood supporting politician. She has been for years. Anyone active in state politics knows it. She hates the right to life and those associated with it. She has close alliances with Planned Parenthood and has opposed all pro-life legislation including the ban on partial birth abortion.

So why is she trying to confuse voters by listing the name of a former employee of Arizona Right to Life and mentioning the fact that this former employee worked for Arizona Right to Life? Is she trying to confuse the voters in District 8? Is she afraid that her years of being anti-life are catching up with her? Why would she consistently keep using this person’s name and her previous association with AZRTL? That association was over ten years old and did not authorize her to use the AZRTL name in association with a known pro-abortion candidate.

As a result of this continued effort to mislead the voters of District 8, I sent an email letter to Ms. Allen. The letter is as follows:

Dear Ms. Allen

You are not authorized to use the name of Arizona Right to Life in connection with any campaign literature that would deceive or confuse voters into thinking that AZRTL would endorse or support your campaign. Further the use of Arizona Right to Life's name in connection with a former employee of AZRTL (from over ten years ago) is deliberately deceptive and misleading to the voters in District 8. Ms. Connell has never been and is not presently authorized to use the name of AZRTL. Further she does not have permission to use the name in connection with any campaign.

Please cease and desist from using the name of Arizona Right to Life in any way, manner or form.

John Jakubczyk

Attorney at Law

Any person who would lend her name and her former involvement in the pro-life movement as a paid employee of AZRTL to support a known Planned Parenthood supporter is also guilty of misleading the voters and by her actions has renounced her previous positions in support of the children. Every day due to the likes of politicians such as Carolyn Allen, children are at risk, both those in the womb and those who grow up in a society that has cheapened human life.

While today in the law the concern for children only applies if the child is born, the truth is that each one of us had his or her beginning at conception. Each of us spent on average nine months in the womb before being born. We were alive and growing in our mother’s womb. No lies or distortions can change that reality.

On Tuesday September 12, 2006, send a signal to the world that you believe in life. Vote Pro-life without any exceptions. And if you live in District 8, vote for Colette Rosati and against Carolyn Allen. Visit for our list of pro-life candidates..


At 4:42 PM, Anonymous John K. Walker said...


For the benefit of those of us who have lived here less than the 10 years you mention, is Judith McConnell the formerly pro-life person I heard about (from Julie Watson) who actually once went undercover in an abortion operation, but then (in Julie's words) "sold her soul" when a professional political position with a pro-abortion Republican (Carolyn Allen herself?) overrode her previous, apparently not-so-fervent, beliefs?

Also, do you have the Valley addresses for next week's Wash for Life?


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