Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Some Reflections

Len Munsil's victory last night is a tribute to hard work and leadership. He remained principled throughout the campaign and he has become battle tested forthe very serious general election shead. His opponent is crafty. She is smart. And she has the Republic on her side. In fact during the election cycle, the paper is more like a campaign rag for Janet than anything else.

But Len has some great opportunities to exploit her weaknesses. He is also articulate and needs toi be prepared for the dirty tricks that the Democrats tend to play.

As for the other races, having Hellon gone and Melvin in is a great victory. And the NE Tucson chapter deserves a vote of thanks for their hard work.

We are sorry that Colette came up short in District 8, but it seems that the anti-401 people got out their vote and the spillover cost it for Colette. It was also a lot to overcome the money that Allen had to spend, the dirty tricks she played and the endorsements she managed to get.
I predict that Allen retires soon and the district leadership try to give the seat to Reagan.


At 8:58 PM, Anonymous John K. Walker said...

From a pro-life perspective, Collete Rosati certainly deserves particular praise for sacrificing her own safe House seat to challenge militantly pro-abortion, "Republican-in-name-only" Carolyn Allen for the more powerful Senate seat in District 8. (That lap-dancing apparently trumped abortion and every other far more important issue speaks volumes about the state of our society.)

I'm sure AZRTL plans to officially recognize her dedicated service to pre-birth children in the near future, and let's hope that she returns to public office by 2008.


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