Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama - peace prize - please spare me the details

With Obama losing his luster even with liberals, those who have seen "the one" as their hope for a new era, have been pretty frustrated. Health care is not falling into his lap. The Taliban keeps fighting in Afghanistan. Democrats in the House are even less popular than were Republicans at their worst. What's a savior of the world to do?

Well, when in doubt, give the guy a prize. And not just any prize. a Nobel peace prize.

You heard me right.

You are probably as surprised as I was to find the Europeans still gaga over the man who having just become the president of the United States was so efficient as to bring peace to the world in just two weeks after being sworn in as president. The February 1, 2009 deadline for nominees did include 'the one' and given the Europeans' penchant for anticipation, one could rationalize their expectations as might a newly married bride.

After all in January after the inauguration, there were all of the media pundits with shaking legs and baited breach drooling with excitement at all Obama was going to do for (to) them.

The timing is of course even more interesting. The latest polls show him losing traction with those who were most likely to have given him the high sign.The rest of the country is so worried that his economic plans are going to lengthen the recession even more that one just does not raise the issue without fearing someone might go into cardiac arrest.

So today's story has the effect of a foreign seas junket without the 4 million dollar price tag. The press can fall all over themselves in adulation over a fellow who has done nothing to advance peace anywhere, has arguably made the world more dangerous, and yet arrogantly stands before us all claiming to know better.

Of course, Castro, Qaddafi, and Chavez will be happy that their "son" has done so well in such a short time.


At 12:49 AM, Anonymous John K. Walker said...

All true, but (unsurprisingly) this didn't prevent the latest edition of the Catholic Sun from running a glowing account of how the Vatican and other Bishops praised this wonderful selection, without even mentioning his militant abortion-on-demand advocacy and monstrous record! I am tempted to lament this as the continuing voyage of a ship of fools, but it is likelier to represent internal duplicity, within both the worldwide Church and this diocese (at least the newspaper).

And ironically, in the same issue one of your daughters (I believe) wrote a forceful, absolutely spot-on appeal to the Church to fulfill its own self-declared obligation to make clear the moral imperative of defending pre-born children's lives, especially the betrayal represented by "Catholics" voting for pro-abortionists like Obama. And this appeared on the opposite page from the Bishop's own explanation of Respect Life Sunday. But I guess Obama's so well deserved Nobel trumps 50 million+ legal convenience killings (and counting) in the U.S....

With absurdly contradictory messages like these, is it any wonder why nothing is actually ever accomplished?


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