Thursday, October 29, 2009

It is all about abortion

Even as the Drudge Report headlines a story about scientists "creating" sperm so as to penetrate artificially "created" eggs (thus ironically proving once again that each individual person has his or her beginning at conception), The House leadership under the liberal Nancy Pelosi announced their intention to unveil the House Health care plan this morning. The Democratic bill would fund abortion. It seems that the so called moderate Democrats including some pro-life Democrats may not get a chance to make any amendments to the proposed legislation. for the last few weeks Democrats such as Bart Stupak have been telling everyone that a bill that does not specifically ban abortion would be stopped. Many of us were very grateful for these courageous words. Let us hope that they are not mere words.

Recent statements made by Stupak have concerned pro-life leaders who worry that the powerful Democratic leadership which takes a hold no prisoner approach to controlling its members ( no freedom of thought here -thank you very much) may have set up a "staged" or fixed " vote to provide some cover for the so called "Blue Dog" democrats.

This has prompted some reporters and commentators to publicly worry that these democrats may crack.

That being the case we all need to contact the House and call our representatives and tell them we oppose this monstrosity of a bill.

As an attorney familiar with constitutional issues, I personally have problems wit hits constitutionality. I find no serious constitutional authority to act in this way.

Each one of us needs to pass this message on to our friends and neighbors. Obama, Pelosi and Reid owe the abortion industry and the NOW and NARAL folks big time. Planned Parenthood has been building new abortuaries throughout the country. In each place this building of a free standing facility is designed to absorb more people, hence more abortions.

This is the hear of what Planned Parenthood wanted and what Barak Obama promised them.

Keep this all in prayer and by all means contact your representative and tell them you oppose any health car tat contains abortion as a part of health care. Since when after all is killing anyone, much less a child ever flippantly justified.

Keep it is in prayer. Please continue to support AZRTL in that we have a serious need during this month.


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