Monday, March 05, 2007

CPAC - get with the program

So now we have the results in form the latest CPAC convention and guess what - the attendees think that the life and family issues actually matter. Even though the powers that be would like to avoid talking about abortion and marriage, the conservatives throughout the country, the so-called 'values voters,' still rank these issues as paramount.

This is why so many of them have become involved in politics.

The truth is that most of us would prefer to be with our families, our spouses and our children. We sacrifice our time out of a genuine love for this country and the future. so I am most distressed when I see the professional pundits and consultants attempt to brush off the concerns of so many in this nation.

The ramifications of 34 years of legal abortion have yet to be considered. It is interesting that studies are done on so many random things, from the amount of caffeine in the diet to whether people get enough sleep at night. But when it comes to abortion and the effects it has had and will have on the society, there is an eerie silence - as if no one is permitted to discuss it.

A friend of mine mentioned how he brought up the subject during a dinner conversation among a group he thought would be sympathetic and the silence was deafening.

Let us be clear. The Pro-life movement is not going away. No matter how much we are ignored, no matter how much we are derided, no matter how much we are attacked, we shall continue until we prevail in restoring legal protection to the unborn and until we stop the senseless killing of the elderly. Yet every day we are delayed means more who will die - whether it be in the abortion mills or in the hospice and hospitals. The tragic irony is that those who gave us abortion on demand may soon be the ones who are killed by legal euthanasia unless we stop it.

This country - a noble experiment in freedom - may find itself unable to protect itself from those forces both within and without who would strip us of that very freedom. Unless we stand up now and demand protection for all persons, we are hardly in the position to ask God's blessings and protection upon this nation. So beg for His mercy and work to end this modern day holocaust.

As for the political forces who seek to strangle the movement, it will not happen. While I see those who would make an effort to divide the leadership and confuse the rank and file, they will be exposed for the treachery that they would cause. And by God's mercy and grace, a leader will emerge who will sound the clarion call for a new birth in freedom, echoing the words of Abraham Lincoln, that these dead shall not have died in vain.


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