Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Reflections on a busy week

I just returned from DC and after a few days to catch up on work, family and those all important bills, I thought I would take a moment and reflect upon what was a very interesting week.

As usual the press and the media ignored the 250,000 Americans who bundled up and traveled to our nation's capitol to express their collective outrage that this nation founded upon the principles of freedom and independence would continue to allow the systematic slaughter of one million children a year.

The politicians do not really care. All but a few are afraid to address the issue. Some give lip service but wish we would just go away. Well, I have news for them. We are not going away. In fact, our numbers are increasing. More young people than ever attended this march. The generation Y is growing up and they are asking, "What did you do to one-third of my generation?' Their energy is contagious. They are hopeful and ready to shoulder the burden. I found myself perhaps for the first time not the one who had to remind people to remain vigilant. Our sons and daughters are ready to carry forth the message of life. I only hope that they will succeed before the current generation in power destroys the country.

Some numbers to give you an idea of how many things were going on that weekend.

450 college students attend the Students for Life of America conference at Catholic University on January 20.

Over 9,000 people cram into the National Shrine for mass the next evening.

Over 25,000 youth fill the Verison Center for mass on the morning of the march.

Rallies take place at constitution Hall, the Senate building, at various hotels where delegations meet with their congressional representatives.

Blogs for Life holds its second conference at the FRC building.

March for Life holds its convention and annual Rose dinner for at least 650 people.

All of the major pro-life organizations had a presence in some way at the march.

But as Joe Scheidler asked people, "What are you going to do tomorrow?" The march is but a single event, a marker to help us stay focused.

Indeed the question must be asked of all of us, What are we doing tomorrow to protect the lives of the unborn, the weak, the elderly, the marginalized, the disabled?

Only you can answer the call to action, only you can take up the mantle to protect the little ones.

Only you ...But if you do ...And the next fellow does it... And we all do our part, we will, by God's grace, end this terrible scourge to our land.


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