Sunday, October 22, 2006

Attacking Kyl and Graf – those extremists!

It seems that NARAL has decided to weigh into the CD 8 race supporting extreme pro-abortion Gabrielle Giffords over pro-life Randy Graf. Well it makes sense to me. After all with Kolbe the abortionists held the seat. Now there is strong reason to believe the seat will be won by the resolute and popular Randy Graf, who served the area as a state legislator. So NARAL is sending out a mailer describing Kyl and Graf as “anti-choice” because they are against people “choosing” to “kill” their unborn babies – as if Arizona did not know. Arizonans know that Kyl and Graf are pro-life. The voters like their position on the life issues. True there are some who do not want laws to protect all human beings from the moment of conception through natural death. Those people have a lot to learn and lets leave it at that.

But if NARAL wants to point out how “extreme” it is to defend women and children, then have at it. I guess all those police and firefighters who save lives every day are extremists. I guess the soldiers in harms way protecting our freedom are “extremists.” I guess anyone who will choose life over death is an extremist. – But then they are my kind of extremist.


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