Sunday, October 22, 2006

Conspicuous silence in East Valley Tribune

Today’s (Sunday) East Valley Tribune was conspicuously quiet about the governor’s race. In fact it seems like the fix is already in between the smaller but generally more balanced Tribune and the very liberal to the point of nausea Arizona Republic. With the Republic its obvious bias against all things conservative has been a given since 2000. In the 2002 governor’s race, the Republic was claiming two weeks before the general election that Salmon was 15 points behind. For those who don’t remember, Salmon lost the general election by less than a percentage point. So it seems that one of the state’s newspapers has decided to simply avoid talking or writing about the most important statewide news story in favor of such fascinating stories as the power and influence of the Indian tribes, light rail and a party on a parkway.

A review of Sunday’s paper would have reflected nothing about the governor’s race. No story about Len Munsil and his bid to defeat the current pro-abortion extremist governor. No story about his plans to address the border, his plans to improve education, nothing, nada, nyet.
There was a story about the Senate election, perhaps in a feeble effort to actually make that seem like a race. Pro-life Jon Kyl is leading pro-abortion Jim Pederson and it isn't even close. However, it is pretty pathetic when Pederson has spent over 8 million dollars of his own money and the best he can do is get on television and claim that he is for adoption, while at the same time telling us he favors a woman’s right to choose. Choose what? Well, isn’t that nice. He thinks it is perfectly fine to kill babies through the ninth month of pregnancy but he is in favor of adoption. Normally I reserve comment, and let the facts speak for themselves. But in this case I will make an exception in describing Pederson and his contempt for the women and children of Arizona. - What a jerk!
But the bottom line is that there is nothing about the most important election facing Arizona and the impact that election will have on the future of this state.
The establishment wants Napolitano in order to stay in a position of power.
Electing Len Munsil would overthrow the power brokers of this state.
Electing Len Munsil might actually return some power to the people and with some power perhaps some rights.


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