Friday, October 20, 2006

You never know when

How is it that out of the blue you are placed in a teaching moment?

If there is ever a reason to brush up on your knowledge of pro-life information and referrals, it is because you never know when you will have a teaching moment.

now those who know me will say that I live for teaching moments - what with 11 children and all their friends who constantly come over the house. But what about the time when you are tired and coming home from work and just before you leave the co-worker asks to talk to you ion the parking lot....

you have to be ready.

One other thing.... In the morning when you ask for opportunities to do the Lord's will, expect that He will give you something to do.

Now I think He was also mentioning that AZRTL could use a little help prior to election day to help get the message out to our friends. Call the office 602-285-0063 or email for more information.


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