Friday, October 20, 2006

Staying focused - Keeping your eye on the prize

If people sit around and complain, nothing gets done.

If people work at making a difference, then things get done.

Here is what is happening.

Everywhere I go, there is a new wind blowing. The young people are concerned and engaged. Last night at ASU a young man, disabled and in a motorized wheelchair told the speaker that he was glad to be alive. He said that had he been conceived just seven years later, he could have been diagnosed as having the disability and killed.

Remember that this is not just fun and games. Every time we engage in the debate, in the battle, in the arena, a life may be at stake.

Last week I got a call from outside of Maricopa County. A 15 year-old girl was desperate to know what her 'rights' were. She was referred to me. What was her problem? Her dad had scheduled an appointment for an abortion. What were her rights, she kept asking. She was scared. I tried to calm her. He cannot force you to have an abortion, I told her. We talked. Then I talked to the boyfriend. And then to family members. Was there support? Who could help her? You will have to talk to your dad. We will be there for what ever you need. I gave her some referrals for the various agencies that could help.

We agreed to stay in touch. I spoke with family members this week. Things are still tense but much better.

Pray for her.

and me.


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