Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Update on the bishop's book

Thanks to John Ellenwood of NW Tucson Right to life for getting me this link to the Bishop's booklet at Basilica Press.

This booklet is must reading for anyone looking to understand the role of the person in the modern world. And while it is titled "Catholics in the Public Square." it actually applies to all persons. As John Ellenwood noted, "It is a refreshingly clear moral document."


At 7:28 PM, Anonymous John K. Walker said...

For those who might be interested further, in the latest Catholic Sun, Bishop Olmstead's column explains his rationale for putting out this very needed, and long-overdue, booklet on our minimal moral responsibilities as citizens. One insightful comment he makes is to basically eviscerate the "seamless garment" excuse some politicaly liberal Catholics continue to emply to support the Durbin Kennedys of America by equating fringe issues with the imperative of ending our country's ultra-violent abortion-on-demand regime. The late Cardinal Bernadin, a great man who coined the term, was probably looking for a liberal pro-life argument to complement the more familiar conservative one, but ruthless pro-abortion "Catholic" hypocrites since have since successfully (mis-)appropriated it beyond all recognition.

Actually, I usually don't read this paper, because there has been an undeniable fifth column among its editors to undermine the Bishop's own arguments, frequently running columns, articles, and letters probing for just such "loopholes." So, I was also gratified and impressed to see the very forceful pro-life letter leading page 2 of the op-ed section (where the contrary enabling material has often appeared), especially since it was written by "Madeline R. Jakubczyk" (I presume a relative of yours); my humblest compliments to the author....


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