Tuesday, October 24, 2006

When statistics become personal

During the last week I have been attempting to assist a young lady who is pregnant outside of marriage. She contacted me after running way from her father who wanted to force her into having an abortion. Se contacted me because another lawyer with whom she spoke told her that her Parent could make her have the abortion. After I assured her that such advice was erroneous, I asked her what she wanted to do. She told me she knew the life within was a baby and she wanted to have the baby.

We discussed the justified anger of her parent upon learning of the information. I explained that no one can ever force you to have an abortion .We discussed the father’s history and the efforts he might make to trick her or persuade her to change her mind.

We stayed in contact the next few days. I learned that she and the father were going to parenting classes. She picked out a name for the baby. Then last weekend the boy’s family sensed something was wrong. She created a fight between herself and the boyfriend. She did not go to school today.

As so today I received a frantic call from the mother of the boy who is the father of this baby. She told me that she was supposed to the children to parenting class, that the father told her not tonight, and she could not contact the girl. She had a bad feeling.

Today the young girl and her baby joined a tragic group of people.

And the girl who was talking so sure about her baby and her future will have to live with the knowledge of the events of this day for the rest of her life.

We speak about the 3- 4,000 babies killed every day in this nation. Yet for one little child, it is not just a statistic.
For that baby, the numbers are very real.

And another life has been snuffed out by the demons of fear and convenience.
Another daughter has been scarred by the selfish actions of her father.

And the angels mourn at the tragedy of it all.

So what are we going to do about it?

What are we going to do to stop the killing?

Vote on November 7.

Support Arizona Right to Life.
Make a donation today in memory of that littel baby.

And pray for the mother.


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