Friday, February 23, 2007

Recognizing the obvious

Anchor Charles Gibson teased: "A tiny miracle that raises big questions in the debate over abortion." Setting up his top story, Gibson acknowledged the impact on the abortion debate: "The fact that she has survived and grown to more than four pounds, and is about to go home, is a miracle, yes, but a miracle that may have an effect on the debate over abortion. And it may change what people think about life..."

Has it taken this long for someone in the media to recognize the obvious?

Or is it still the exception to note that life refuses to be ignored.

When I first became involved in pro-life work many years ago, we used a pamphlet called "Life and Death."The graphic pictures of the dead unborn children were matched by a picture of a premature child born at 19 weeks. The actual picture showed the baby with a wedding ring around his arm. He was 23 weeks old from conception. I would use that picture in debates with pro-abortion advocates. They all hated it when I would ask them about the children in the pictures, if their lives were worth living, if they were really human, if they were part of the human family. Abortionists are amazing in their ability to ignore the obvious and spout some drivel they had branded into their brains. Their blindness to the reality of the humanity of the child seems propelled by an inner madness. There seems at times to be such a hatred for the human being that this hatred must be fed by the blood of the unborn.

So it is with some curiosity that we should watch and see if there will be any move by the press and the media in the future to report accurately the incredible truth surrounding the miracle not just of this birth, but of the mystery of life in the womb.

In the meantime it remains our duty to tell the truth every day - in every way possible. for we never know when our words or actions will not be used to save the life of one of these precious little ones.


At 7:03 AM, Blogger GrannyGrump said...

Yeah, I blogged about it, too. It's too bizarre. I mean, did somebody hit them on the head with a mallet? Did James Kopp escape from prison and hold them at gunpoint and force them to report on this? Is it a sign of the coming apocalypse?

Babies that could have been delivered live have been being aborted for over thirty years now. Think back to the Edelin case! And suddenly the MSM noticed! Whatup with that, anyway?


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