Friday, February 23, 2007

the Quality of the Man

Senator Sam Brownback was in Phoenix on Wednesday night for a quick visit following a day down on the border. He spoke of the current issues of the day, Iraq, immigration, the need to control spending in Washington, the importance of staying true to principles.
His position of the life issues is well known. He has been a leader in advocating protection for the unborn, in defending the rights of the dependent and disabled, and in opposing efforts to spend federal tax dollars on destructive embryonic stem cell research. He believes in the sanctity of marriage and supports efforts to protect marriage from the current assault by those who advocate its destruction.
He has declared himself a candidate for the Republican race for president. Now the Washington pundits have not given him much time or attention. it does not matter now so early in the race.
What Sam Brownback can do though is meet the people of this great country and offer himself as a man of honesty and integrity, someone with the knowledge and the courage to do what is right, and someone who understands the sacred trust that politicians have when they are placed in high office.
Those of us in the pro-life movement have a champion in Senator Sam Brownback. We would all do well to get to know this gentleman from the state of Kansas.


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