Monday, February 26, 2007

Len Munsil and PRO-PAC

I was waiting to see what my good friend Len Munsil would do now that the election was over. and the wait was not very long. Len is setting up a Political Action Committee to do what he does best - advocate for those principles and values that best serve the human person, the family and the culture. I look forward to working with him as those of us in the pro-life and pro-family movements continue our efforts to restore protection to the unborn, protect and solidify laws that respect marriage, and influence government and society to embrace a culture of life.

What is exciting about Len's effort is that it will complement the work of groups like Arizona Right to Life and the Center for Arizona Policy. Just as CAP has been a leader these many years under the guidance of Len Munsil and Cathi Herrod in the pro-family arena, so now we can look forward to standing shoulder to shoulder with Len in promoting those issues that respect and protect the human person.

Len Munsil is a man with an optimistic vision for our state. Join me in wishing him the best on this new endeavor.


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