Saturday, August 18, 2012

An open message to Cardinal Dolan

Cardinal, I must respectfully disagree with your decision and your reasoning in inviting the president, although I will grant you the best of intentions and hope that you have something to speak to the entire country on the issues of life, religious liberty and the sanctity of marriage so as to not allow the president to manipulate the situation as he and his campaign will undoubtedly attempt to do.

Over the last 40 years the late Pope Pius XII has been vilified by the left and the press for "not standing up against the Nazis and Hitler. The canard has been spread so much that many take it to be the truth.  Will it be said by later generations that the church broke bread with those who have orchestrated the demise of religious liberty, the promotion of abortion and the attack on marriage.? Are we giving scandal to future generations who will not understand your efforts at "dialogue?"

If during the 1960s after the attacks on the civil rights workers, the blocking of school house doors and the turning on of hoses, a Catholic bishop in the South had invited George Wallace to a charity dinner, would that have been appropriate? Would not such an invitation have sent a signal that Wallace's racist tendencies were not that important in the scheme of things, that it was all just politics?

Finally what is to be gained? You will not convince the man. He is someone who has turned his back on his own origins. He has embraced the Planned parenthood mentality. He calls pregnancy a burden and a disease. His administration is out to close down everything Catholic because we are the only competition for the soul of America.  What is to be gained?

I hope you have something up your sleeve because from where I stand, you, the church and the country are about to be once again snookered


At 12:21 PM, Anonymous Linda Day said...

Unfortunately the 'politics' of glad-handing the powerful is never a good idea when ideology and evil are at war. We should all be able to speak truth to power even when it is uncomfortable and politically or financially disadvantageous. We have been used often by this administration to give cover to their evil ideology. It won't stop until we start putting principle above power.

At 12:37 AM, Anonymous John K. Walker said...

As I already responded to your 6/26 post, the US Catholic clergy have not been serious about ending the abortion holocaust since about 1980. What is particularly disturbing here is the possibility that Cardinal Dolan actually believes he could somehow win over a lifetime militant abortion fanatic like Obama by earnestly inviting him to participate in dialog.
Along these lines, the book BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD, which was even edited by the spokeswoman for the USCCB, appeared nearly ten years ago, correctly labelling the RTL Movement "a shambles" at that point. If there is any objective evidence -- as opposed to self-serving rhetorical triumphalism -- that this situation has improved since then, I am unaware of it. And the worst example of this direction is the widespread polling data (see very recent linked one below) imdicating that more-and-more Americans, particularly young people, consider themselves "pro-life," but still favor legal abortion-on-demand (e.g., infanticide)! So even if this superficially favorable trend were due in the slightest to the efforts of the national (religious and secular) RTL "leadership," it has actually cemented the "disposable life" mentality more firmly, by separating "pro-life" warm feelings from actual "right to life" committment.


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