Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Obama: A pro-abort extremist to the end

For any person who opposes abortion and thinks that is acceptable to vote for Barack Obama, he or she needs to read portions of his speech given to a high school in Durham, New Hampshire. The president embraces Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the nation. In other words he supports an organization that kills children. He wants to fund that organization with taxpayer dollars. He wants minors to have access to birth control and abortion without their parent’s knowledge, much less consent. He does not care that Planned Parenthood helps those involved in human trafficking to service the women involved in prostitution. He does not care that Planned Parenthood will help cover up child sex abuse and rape. He does not care that Planned Parenthood will condone the abortions of baby girls when the parents wasn’t a boy.

Pro-life advocates warned the country about this man four years ago.  But everyone ignored our concerns. I remember being yelled at by a priest in the parking lot for daring to tell the truth. Too many Christians, too many Catholics, ignored the telltale signs and now we are being told that we must “check” our faith at the door to the public square. We are told what “religious activity” is and what it is not.  We are told that we must accept and comply with the government HHS mandate. We are told to shut up and get to the back of the bus.

The arrogance of this administration is incredible.   And yet the mainstream media continues to block for him, cover for him, spin for him, lie for him.

So what are you going to do?


At 8:07 PM, Anonymous John K. Walker said...


As I hope you know, I couldn't possibly share the frustration you express here more intensely than I do. But I don't believe the problem is that anyone literally ignored the thoroughly undeniable fact of Obama's pro-abortion militancy, especially with his downright heinous record in the Illinois Legislature (which Jill Stanek exposed). And this observation certainly applies to "Catholics" or anyone else professing a membership in a religion "officially" dedicated to preserving the legal right of pre-birth babies not to be arbitrarily exterminated. The actual problem, evident since around 1980 within the US Catholic Church, is simply that most of the hierarchy (Phoenix's wonderful Bishop Olmstead excepted) is not serious about this "committment," at first because it appears they were cowed into de facto silence and inaction by threats of losing their tax exemption, and for the last decade or so, by their self-destruction as moral leaders from the pederasty scandal. Any organization that does not even officially criticize, much less publicly sanction (up to and including exclusion), the now thousands of pro-abortion office holders within its own ranks is, frankly, no more than a tragic joke on this point.

(The epitome of this farce was either Nancy Pelosi's receiving communion from the Pope, or the late Ted Kennedy's receiving a favorable response from His Holiness to a personal note -- delivered by none other than Barack Obama -- expressing the pro-abortion Senator's longstanding effort at being "a good Catholic." What can we expect next, Kathleen Sibelius's being named Catholic lay person of the year?)

At least down at the individual, personal level, the wonderful people at crisis pregnancy centers are doing a tremendous job. But although, to say the least, it sharply grieves me to have to report these facts, as things are "progressing," (literally) God only knows how many more 10's of millions of pre-birth children are doomed BEFORE the legality of this 40+ years old nightmare is even seriously CHALLENGED in the public sphere.

At 5:28 PM, Anonymous John K. Walker said...

Along these same lines, I was "pleasantly" (within such a negative context) surprised at the uncompromising content I heard last Sunday at Ss. Simon & Jude Cathedral (described below). It contrasted sharply with the general indifference you reference.

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Dear John,

Thank you for your kind comments. I agree that we are blessed to be led here by Bishop Olmsted...and Archbishop Chaput has always been incisive in his articulation of the threats we face.

Don't let up on your prayer!

God bless you,

Fr. Lankeit
Mark 12:17

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Bravo on the tremendous integrity and inspiration your homily this past weekend displayed as to Catholics' duties as citizens. Although I certainly lament that it has taken the Obama/Sebelius administration's gross provocation in this area to finaly prompt America's parishes to speak out explicitly as to their congregations' public moral duties (which was long ago established in the Faithful Citizenship document), I am gratified that a few leaders such as Bishop Olmstead here and Achbishop Chaput (whom you quoted) are now showing a renewed seriousness in this broad area, especially in the right-to-life struggle at which the Church has always been a leader.

Thank you,
John K. Walker


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