Sunday, August 12, 2012

Paul Ryan - Excellent Choice

Unlike the 2008 election campaign, I have not been going through and examining the various vice presidential prospects and for good reason - I have been extremely busy. And the truth is that most of what i might have contributed to in the conversation had been already said.

Nevertheless, I must declare that I am very pleased with Governor Romney's selection of Paul Ryan to be his vice president. Ryan is an amazing congressman, smart, optimistic, and solid on the pro-life issue. His expertise is the budget and the up to now failed effort by the few sane people in Washington, DC to cut spending and reduce the size of government. He is sharp and at the same time witty. He is someone who believes that ideas and policy are the way to get the voters to support your candidacy. He will help Romney in so many ways, not the least in sending a signal to the GOP base that he gets it.

Ryan understands and therefore will be able to connect the natural relationship between the social issues and the fiscal issues. He will be able to remind the people that all the "hope and change" promised by Obama has led to more unemployment, more businesses shutting their doors, and more people being on welfare. Ryan knows how to speak to the issue and also how to convince the audience of the moral clarity of reducing the size of government.

The work to be done is serious and one cannot ignore the danger signals.

We must remove the current occupant of the White House, win the Senate, and lead the nation out of the 40 years of insanity.


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