Monday, February 06, 2012

Obama Throws Down the Gauntlet

President Obama's decision to allow Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to issue mandates that violate the religious liberties of the Catholic Church and Catholic hospitals and colleges - not to mention the 75 million Catholics living in this nation has served to bring out into the open once again the anti-Catholic bias of this administration and to remind Catholic voters what is at state in the November general elections.

This mandate which has produced a firestorm of criticism from both the left and the right would require Catholic institutions as well as Catholic owned businesses to offer contraception, abortion and sterilization to their employees. Failure to do so would violate the law and subject the company, institution or person to fines.

Even liberals are upset about he callous manner in which the Obama administration went about this attack on the freedom of religion. Obama apologists just as E.J. Dionne have expressed their disappointment in recent columns.

Others have pointed out the unconstitutional nature of the mandate and argue that this is just another example of the onerous tentacles of government overreach.

In Phoenix a week ago Sunday, Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted requested that a letter be read at all masses. As of this weekend, over 153 bishops have spoken or acted in some way in opposition to the mandate. 

Peggy Noonan in her column in the wall Street Journal noted that this could be the unspoken issue of the November campaign. 

The catholic bishops cannot sit on their hands on this one. their general timidity and attempts in the past to cozy up to the left leaning politicians have only hurt the Church and the faithful. It is time to stand up for religious liberty, freedom of conscience and the right to life for all persons.  they can start by publicly excommunicating all those "Catholic" politicians who carry water for the pro-abortion industry. this includes Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden.  If the purpose of excommunication is to wake up someone and bring them back to the grace of God, then now is the time if we truly care about their souls. Every catholic politician who acts to harm the unborn child and women must publicly recant their pro-abortion position. No Catholic should ever knowingly vote for support a pro-abortion candidate.

Now is the time to stand up for life and against tyranny.


At 10:56 PM, Anonymous John K. Walker said...

"...they can start by publicly excommunicating all those 'Catholic' politicians who carry water for the pro-abortion industry; this includes Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden."

...And of course Sibelius herself, along with Durbin, Cuomo (Sr. & Jr.), every "Catholic" Massachusetts Democrat politician of the last thirty years except Ray Flynn, and literally about a thousand others in the US. Of course, not one of them will be sanctioned in any way (recall that Pelosi got to take communion from the Pope -- not exactly a prelude to excommunication), since the RC Church (seemingly, anywhere in the world) hasn't been serious about the abortion issue since the late 1970's. So don't bet on anything but rhetoric from the Episcopate over the Obamacare mandate, either. I would be ecstatic to be proven wrong, though....


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