Monday, February 06, 2012

Lessons from the Komen Controversy

Having been traveling this past week, I have had time to consider the events surrounding the Susan G. Komen controversy and the lessons it teaches all of us about the power of the media, the influence of Planned Parenthood and how critical it is that the pro-life movement help defeat Barak Obama in November in order to stop Obamacare.

I don't think that I need to rehash what happened with Komen. The breast cancer research foundation had no idea its announcement was going to put it in the cross-hairs of the media' s sights as it was attacked relentlessly by Planned Parenthood's minions. And the viciousness of the assault was stunning to even those who knew of Planned Parenthood's history of taking no prisoners.

Various bloggers have been following and commenting on the while mess. Jill Stanek's well respected blog had this to say:  "Everyone now knows how ruthless Planned Parenthood is, willing to destroy SGK and the work it does in retaliation."

Christianity Today had and interesting take on the events pointing out what some may call the law of unintended consequences. After all now everyone knows that Komen gave to Planned Parenthood.The article also reminded its reader that everyone now knows that Planned Parenthood never provided mammograms. It merely referred for the service. Finally the article noted that any pretense of media objectivity has all but disappeared when addressing the abortion issue. Now those of us active in the pro-life movement already knew this. but I cannot tell you how many times I had to explain that the media hs an innate bias against the pro-life movement - and especially at the national level.

But here is the rest of the story.

The stakes are high in this battle with the world's largest abortion provider. It is about money, power and advancing its agenda. It ties in with the Obama Administration's recent declaration against Catholic institutions and the arrogance of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who thinks that she can dictate to the Catholic Church and her believers how to think and how to act when it comes to matters relating to human sexuality.

So here are the lessons.
1. Do not underestimate their power and influence.
2. Be prepared for the assault against everything when PP is attacked in the future.
3. Planned Parenthood is vulnerable - especially when it cannot control the message.
4. We need to continue to pound Planned Parenthood on their vulnerabilities which includes their messaging in the media.
5. As one of the articles stated, everyone now knows that Planned Parenthood is in the abortion business.
6. Everyone also now knows that Planned Parenthood plays rough when it is out to destroy an entity.

Planned Parenthood's expectations are that when Obama gets another term, PP will be in for the kill. The mega abortion centers being build in strategic location of this killing centers is designed to facilitate the patient's arrival and to maximize the revenues.PP will be charging the government for the abortions performed and that means more money going into its coffers.

We in the pro-life movement must continue to build our grassroots support so that our impact economically, politically and socially will be felt sooner than later. If we continue to tar PP with the abortion/sterilization albatross, then more agencies will agree not to fund them. We must continue to call on Rep. Sterns to hold congressional hearings. Nothing could be more germane than to expose the waster of taxpayer funds as well as exposing this organization as the homicidal entity it is.

Finally keep it all in prayer.


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