Friday, December 16, 2011

"Batman" Christian Bale's visit to Chinese Human Rights Activist spotlights Chinese forced abortion policy

Christian Bale, the actor who played Batman was roughed up on Thursday in China after attempting to visit the blind Chinese Human Rights activist Chen Guangcheng, who has been under house arrest for exposing the latest in Chinese atrocities concerning its forced abortion policy in 200. The self taught lawyer has been a strong voice defending the rights of women and children in China. His actions have been a source of tension between the government and human rights activists. Chen Guangcheng exposed the fact that there were 130,000 forced abortions and involuntary sterilizations in Linyi County in 2005. The Chinese Communist Party imprisoned Chen for four years and three months and has kept him and his family under strict house arrest since September, 2010. On February 9, 2011 Chen released a video describing the deplorable conditions of his house arrest. The next morning, Chen and his wife, Yuan Weijing, were “beaten senseless.”

Bale, in China making a movie called The Flowers of War, heard about Chen and decided that he should make the eight hour journey to tell him how his actions inspired so many.

Chinese authorities are in a bit of a quandary since the movie Bale stars in, was made with Chinese government support.

This latest story out of China reminds us that abortion is an internationally destructive phenomenon, causing death and destruction to all involved and everywhere it is practiced. Late term forced abortions are common in China. The violations of human rights and the Chinese one-child policy initially exposed by Steven Mosher in the early 1980s have largely been ignored by the West as it continues to curry favor with the growing Chinese influence in the world. But the tensions that a massive population imbalance can bring are only too real to those who study such matters. Many of the current problems in Europe can be traced to the declining populations in Western European nations. We in the United States need to remember that the greatest natural resource a nation has is its people.

Yet how are we to take a moral stand against such atrocities and human rights abuses when we in the United States kill over 3000 children a day?

How can we complain about what the Chinese government does when our own administration promotes abortion on demand and supports abortion profiteers such as Planned Parenthood?

Action item: Does your congressman or senator know of China's human rights abuses and its one-child policy that includes forced abortions? Perhaps you should make your representative aware of this ongoing atrocity.


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