Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up: Fr. Pavone; AZRTL Conference; Congress; Obama; Planned Parenthood; Travels

What a week!

Well, here is a brief wrap on the week's events and things to get ready for next week.

The latest regarding Fr. Pavone.

For those following the drama and praying for a good resolution, keep it up. Fr. Pavone remains in good spirits and asks that everyone pray for the movement, for all our pastoral leaders and to refrain form saying or doing anything uncharitable.

Arizona Right to Life Conference set for NEXT WEEK. Have you signed up? Please help those who have to organize this event by NOT waiting until the last minute. Sign up now. We have some great speakers lined up for you. Register here.

Congress - Did you call your representative and ask him or her when Congress will schedule hearing on the financial mismanagement of federal money by Planned Parenthood? Of Planned Parenthood's failure to respond to the GAO audit requests? Of the criminal activities and investigations going on in the several states?

Obama - Did you hear how New Hampshire decided not to give Planned Parenthood $1.8 million in funding - and how the abortion giant called up their "friend" in the White House and now they are getting $1 Million. The government is broke; it can't pass its bills and Obama is giving Planned Parenthood a million dollars? What is wrong with this picture?

In Arizona Planned Parenthood decided NOT to appeal the recent Court of Appeals decision. Smart move legally and financially. Anyone with any understanding of the courts and this case in particular would have recommended that it not file an appeal. That means the laws go into effect and explains why PP closed a number of their "clinics."

I will be traveling to Michigan next week to speak at a couple of Right to Life events. Please keep me in your prayers. Thanks.


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