Monday, December 05, 2011

Gingrich clarifies, reiterates, and cleans up.

Thankfully it did not take long for Newt Gingrich to address the major faux pas he made the other day and to do so without letting a whole lot of time pass. His statement, put on his website, states that he believes life begins at conception.

Thanks to Joshua Mercer for reporting on this at

So of course there will be some who will ask why the comments on implantation in the first place. I cannot speak for Gingrich but it is possible that his professorial mode took over and he got caught up in discussing details on a subject that was more complicated than he understood. Or maybe he was being cute? Or maybe he wanted to avoid talking about the Personhood of the human zygote. Who knows?

What is important is that he as well as every candidate recognize the importance of the pro-life vote. All of the candidates need to realize that unless they understand and embrace a philosophy that respects the dignity of the human person, we will never get our country out of the mess it is in. Fixing our country's economic problems begins with respecting the nation's greatest natural resource - her people. Appreciating the value of the worker, the importance of culture not consumerism, and the purpose for which man was created, all of these ideas are part of our founding principles as a nation. They are a reflection of the greatness that was Western Civilization. Passing this gift to our children is critical to the nation's well being and to the stability of the world economy.

Considering that the current occupant of the white House has no respect for the dignity of the human person when one as ks to include the unborn child, it is imperative that we citizens vote to remove him as president by electing someone who will honor the sanctity of all human life by supporting any an all legislation that will protect all persons born and unborn..


At 8:51 PM, Anonymous John K. Walker said...

The answer to your question "And Newt, when you were Speaker of the House, why did you not advance the pro-life agenda? Why did we have to beg for scraps? Why did the Caucus not cut out Planned Parenthood funding then - when the Republicans controlled both houses?" is very simple: because the RTL "movement's" Washington "leadership" (esp. the NRLC) readily supplies support to
willing politicians without requiring anything but minimal rhetoric in return. (The verbatim question should be asked of Boehner for the exact same sell-out earlier this year -- yeah, right.) Effective lobbying groups always get everything they want from their elected representatives, and the pro-abortion side feels no compunction against "litmus tests," but the self-satisfied pro-life careerists in DC and their elected pals have been hidebound for decades, and will continue to be unless they are removed -- NOT merely warned.


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