Thursday, January 05, 2012

More Tax dollars went to Planned Parenthood in 2010.

According to its annual report for 2009 - 2010, Planned Parenthood received $487.4 million dollars in federal funds. The abortion behemoth performed 329,445 abortions that year. This is an increase from previous year and marks further evidence of the Obama administration's pro-abortion policies. Anyone who thought that this administration would be sympathetic to the needs of the poor and dependent was deluding himself then and is deluding himself now.

This administration is the most anti-life administration in the history of the U.S. Its callused disregard for the rights of conscience, its blatant promotion of abortion providers, its silence toward the disclosure of the pedophile actions of Planned Parenthood, its promotion worldwide of abortion and sterilization,are just some ofthe reasons that this year's elections are so very critical to the future of the nation.

Action item: Contact your congressional representative and tell them to stop all funding of Planned Parenthood.


At 6:32 PM, Anonymous John K. Walker said...

If Washington's pro-life "leadership" actually performed effectively (as serious lobbying groups do, even though I personally oppose most of these), then the annual sellout that Boehner perpetrated again in this area would have been met with zero-tolerance. And the other side, from Obama on down, is not reticent about playing hardball, as evidenced by the last budget deal. So guess who always wins?


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