Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Telling the “Rest of the Story”

We all remember Paul Harvey and his “stories” at the end of his newscasts. He would give us listeners part of the story, go to break, and then come back with “the rest of the story.” Perhaps it is time for the media to take a page from Mr. Harvey and tell the public the truth about who is pro-life and who is “pro-choice,” in other words – the rest of the story.

For 37 plus years abortion has been legal throughout the entire United States. The press has constantly told us that being pro-life was a minority position and that the pro-choice view was dominant. Politicians, wishing to avoid addressing the issue or even worse DO something about it, would cite these so called polls and reports by the mainstream media. Pro-life advocated were told to work quietly and get out the vote, but do not make abortion an issue because it will polarize people and cost the candidate votes.

Over the last few days, pro-lifers have been told by some politicians that the social issues need to take a back seat to issues surrounding the economy. As insulting as that can seem, I am sure these politicians are simply looking at the world through the myopic lens fashioned by the liberal media along with those consultants who have never been supportive of right to life and family issues.

So let us take a look at what people really think. It may surprise you to realize that you do not have to ever apologize for your pro-life views.

In a series of polling that “the polling company™, inc./WomanTrend, Kellyanne Conway, President & CEO, did on behalf of Americans United for Life, published in May 2010, the majority of those asked gave a pro-life response. Even among those expressing a “pro-choice” view, there was a willingness to restrict abortion and not allow it under the current state as allowed by Roe v. Wade. Only 7% held the view that abortion should be permitted for any reason at any time during the woman’s pregnancy. 8% believed that abortions should allowed for any reason through six months and 26% thought it should be legal up through three months or the first trimester. Those figures total 41% of the population, and not the so called overwhelming majority trumpeted by the liberal media.

55% of those polled identified themselves as pro-life. The breakdown here is also interesting. 10% allowed for no exceptions. 16% allowed for a life of the mother exception. 29% allowed for a rape and incest exception and life of the mother exception.

So here is my message to all those who say that the pro-life message should take a back seat: Are you nuts?

Realize that the natural default position now is to be pro-life. We can thank the ultrasound machine for the current subtle change happening. We can appreciate that a lot of young people realize that there but for a ‘chance’ or ‘love’ they could have been part of that one million killed every year by the local Planned Parenthood abortionist. Focus the good news that life is a good thing to this generation and ask them to stand up and protect their little brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews.

Tie in the natural connection between supporting sound economic practices and protecting the family. Remind people that if the family can take care of itself financially, it allows for more opportunity to build up the society through the family. Recall the famous saying by John F. Kennedy in July 1963

“Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.”

Connect the dots between the onerous anti-child policy built into our tax code and the importance of raising the next generation to have generous hearts and innovative minds.
Never apologize for wanting to defend and protect women and children from those who would slaughter or harm them. Protecting life is not simply a woman’s issue. It is the duty of every adult to protect children.

As for the politicians who run from this issue and claim it is a women’s issue, they are the biggest cowards of all. Every man has a duty to protect the weak and the vulnerable.
The scandal of child abuse in organized religion and education was exacerbated by the failure of those in authority to root out the predators. Why is it that we can rightly condemn those who covered up the ongoing abuse or failed to remove those who caused it, and not fail to stop those abortionists who kill children and physically, emotionally and psychologically damage women?

We must realize that our economic and political system is based upon a generous outlook toward the future. Our reason for seeking better means of communication, transportation, innovation in science and medicine is because we care about tomorrow. But if we are so callous as to destroy our posterity, then why concern ourselves with deficit reduction, and balanced budgets? Why care? The Left doesn’t. Perhaps they understand that their agenda will bring about the destruction of this society as we know it and therefore the future.

We in the pro-life movement also have the tools to reach out to women who have been harmed by abortion, to offer them compassion and understanding, and a road to reconciliation and peace.

In the meantime, we should not apologize for being pro-life. We should embrace the label, the slogan, the banner, the standard and wave it proudly. For we care about our neighbor - even the little one in the womb.


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